Monday, January 3, 2011

Valentine Advent Calendar

In the past I have created Christmas Advent calendars. They are such a fun way to countdown to that special day, I have decided to offer a Valentines Day calendar as well. And what makes it even more special is for you to make it yourself at a fraction of the cost.

This cute project uses a Mini Muffin and Cupcake Pan - 24 Cup as shown in my photo (not included in your purchase). These are perfect for filling each one with a little something, such as candies, stickers, money, etc. The cubbies are closed up with a magnet paper circles in which I supply you with the graphics for you to print yourself.

This is perfect because if you already have a Mini Muffin pan you are saving money by not buying it again for this project and if you do not have one they are fairly inexpensive (Wal-mart for under US $5.00), re-usable and easy to store. The box version is cute, but where does it get stored when it’s not Valentines Day?

Supplies you will need:

Color printer (or you can have the images printed at at an office supply store)
Magnet Sheets - You can purchase these at your local office supply store as well as craft stores. I found it at office supply stores.

Mini 24 cupcake pan - I found them at Wal-mart, you can also get these online


Please check to see what size diameter your mini cupcake pan is. The pan I used measures a little over 2" at the largest point. If you have a different size, the graphics may need to be adjusted.

Open the graphics files I have sent you and print onto the magnetic sheet according to manufacturers instruction.

Cut out the circles with scissors.

Place the circles over the tin holes.

Some pans have a hole on the top in which you can add a ribbon to hang the calendar. Mine did not and I had my husband drill a hole in it.

Suggestions for what to fill them with (don't fill too much, the magnets are not that strong):

M&M candies or small candies
Hair Clips
Pony tail holder
Cute small erasers in fun shapes
Kids Tattoos

The 99 Cent Sore and the Dollar Tree Store have great small items. I like to walk the aisle looking for fun things for the kids.

You can purchase my graphics in my Art Fire shop and Etsy shop.

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