Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Make a Bottle Cap Ornament
These bottle cap ornaments are great for gifts, craft show money makers or keepsakes for years to come.  I have many designs to choose from available in my ArtFire shop and Etsy shop.

Here's a freebie to get you started
 You can purchase kits that have the bottle caps with the split rings already attached from Etsy.  If you are making a lot of these, I would recommend purchasing in bulk and making yourself with the following items:    
Step by step instructions:

Punch a hole in the bottom of two of the bottle caps so that they will line up when stacked. The bottom bottle cap shouldn't have a hole in it (unless you want to add beads at the bottom like my sample.

Cut the sheets into five strips (makes it easier to punch out the 3 images.  If using Mod Podge, paint a layer onto the bottle cap and place the image on top so that it carefully lines up with the holes punch on top and bottom.  If using E6000 glue, place a small dab in the center of the bottle cap and then press the image on top, firmly.

Once you have done all 3 pieces, remove one of the non-stick backings from the epoxy dot and carefully place it on top of the images.  Press firmly.

You are finished! Unless you want to get super crafty and add ribbon, or beads to the bottom.  Have fun!

Here are images I have available:

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